Ted Cruz Sidesteps Affair Rumors In New Video!

Watch the shocking footage.

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Ted Cruz is doing his best to dodge questions about the claims of his rumored affairs.

But when a reporter from The Daily Mail asked the presidential candidate about the allegations, former rival Carly Fiorina stepped in to speak on his behalf!

Cruz has called the claims of rumors of his affairs “garbage” but when he was asked whether he had ever been unfaithful to his wife, Fiorina — who only two months ago was bashing Cruz — came to his defense.

Fiorina blamed Donald Trump and the media for covering the allegations and for, she said, diverting attention away from the Brussels terrorist attacks and Barack Obama’s recent visit to Cuba.

But the Daily Mail reporter did not relent, pressing Cruz on the subject and saying it was a “very serious question” about Cruz’s character.

WATCH how he responded…