Ted Bundy’s Wife Found After Changing Her Identity 4 Times!

See the first picture of Carole Ann Boone in 30 years!

Ted Bundy's Wife Found After Changing Identity 4 Times
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Ted Bundy’s wife hid for decades and swapped her identity many times to avoid detection, but The National ENQUIRER can reveal the first picture of her in over 30 years.

Carole Ann Boone wed serial murderer Ted — who confessed to killing over 30 young women after a reign of terror in the 70s — in a bizarre courtroom ceremony in 1980 while serving as a character witness during his murder trial.

Under an obscure Florida law, by asking her to marry him in an open court in front of a judge and her accepting the marriage was legally binding.

Carole then conceived their daughter, Rose, during a visit to see Ted on death row in 1981.

Rose was born later that year but now lives in another country under a new identity.

Ted Bundy's Wife Found After Changing Identity 4 Times

Carole had worked with Ted at the Washington State Department of Emergency Services and became friends with the serial murderer in 1974.

She was then enticed to Florida after the killer wrote a number of charming letters after his 1980 capture and initially refused to believe he was guilty of the hideous crimes which eventually sent him to the electric chair in 1989.

However, three years before his execution they had a falling out and Carole moved with their daughter and her adult son, Jim, out of the state.

She changed her name four times and eventually returned to her birth city, Seattle, close to where Ted is believed to have started his murderous rampage.

He initially targeted young girls in Washington, Oregon and Utah often posing as an injured man who needed help before abducting, raping and murdering his numerous victims, many of which were under 20 years old.

He dumped many of his victims in secluded woodlands and their remains were not found until years later.