The insurance company that issued a $1 million policy on “REAL HOUSEWIVES of BEVERLY HILLS” TAYLOR ARMSTRONG’s dead hubby who committed suicide asked a Superior Court judge to make the call who gets the money.

The insurer is unclear if the $1 million should go to Taylor or Russell Armstrong’s previous wife, Barbara Fredrickson, and their son.

As THE ENQUIRER previously reported Russell Armstrong, 47, was discovered dead hanging from a noose in his Mulholland Drive home in August 2011.

Taylor Armstrong had filed for divorce a moth earlier, later claiming that Russell had physically abused her.

 Russell Armstrong an investment banker, had financial problems and been sued for $1.5 million by a former client prior to his suicide.

Courthouse News Service reported that American General Life Insurance Co. issued a life insurance policy in October 2004 which named Armstrong's ex-wife Barbara Fredrickson as trustee for an insurance policy for the benefit of Armstrong's son.

 American General says in its complaint that it was "ready, willing and able to pay the life insurance proceeds" but that "there are actual and conflicting claims relating" to the policy.

But now a judge has been asked to rend decision as to which wife actually gets $1 million insurance payoff.

While pending judgment, the insurance company has deposited the million dollar payoff which the court will distribute to either Taylor Armstrong or Barbra Frederickson.