Recovering addict TATUM O’NEAL plans to spend Father’s Day away from estranged dad RYAN  — and get lost.

For Tatum, 48, this Sunday will be like any other – alone.

There won’t be another attempt at reconciliation with her dad Ryan O’Neal after she and the other O’Neal kids had blasted him for his Farrah Fawcett memoir, as The ENQUIRER reported previously.

But now, Tatum has her own book out, "Found," in paperback, that tells the tale of her often ballistic relationship with father O’N – a relationship that went to hell after Tatum became the youngest person at age 9 to win an Oscar  for “Paper Moon”. Her costar – daddy dearest.

 But, as she told ABCNews.com, recovery from bad relationships and drugs is a never-ending battle.

"I think there's still so much shame in standing up for yourself a woman and an addict," she said. "I hope by at least bringing it out there and bringing it to the forefront, by being vocal about it, I can show that it isn't any worse to be a woman and an addict than it is to be a man. It's not fair that we look at it differently — 'Oh, she's a party girl, she's a mess,' when with men it's, 'Oh, he just had a couple drinks and passed out in someone's bed.'"

Tatum revealed "I think having a normal life, which I've never had, sounds pretty nice. Moving to Big Sur or Oregon or upstate New York. But then,  there's always the case of — I need to make a living.

 “But sure, maybe I will become a mountain woman and grow my hair out."