Tantilizing Tidbits are Bizarre – But True!

Elvis Presley

Mississippi and Kentucky residents are America’s biggest couch potatoes, according to a new study by the Centers for Disease Control that ranks folks who live in Colorado and Utah as the nation’s biggest fitness freaks.

Elvis Presley was born a blonde and originally used black shoe polish to create his signature look!

President Teddy Roosevelt was blinded in a White House boxing match when his aide and sparring partner Dan Moore detached a retina with a roundhouse punch in 1908. Teddy then took up jiu-jitsu.

A group of tortoises is called a creep and a collection of hippos is known as a pod.

The largest tidal wave ever recorded in the U.S. was a 1,700-footer that hit Lituya Bay, Alaska, in 1958 and swept five miles inland! Amazingly, only two people were killed.