Courageous Patrick Swayze has gone home to die after a staggering series of medical setbacks, The ENQUIRER reports exclusively.

Despite the 57-year-old actor’s valiant efforts and unshakable will to live, close sources say he and loving wife Lisa Niemi made the heartbreaking decision in late August to return to their Los Angeles home and prepare for the end.

The once-rugged star of big-screen blockbusters Dirty Dancing and Ghost must stay close to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for regular treatment of a troublesome intestinal infection, sources say.

He now often uses a wheelchair to get around and sometimes needs oxygen to breathe as he wages the final battle in his struggle with pancreatic cancer, according to a Swayze family insider.

"Patrick’s bodily functions appear to be shutting down," the insider divulged to The ENQUIRER. "But he recently told Lisa, ‘I refuse to die in a hospital room. I’ll go on my own terms – in our home and in my own bed.’

"He’s terrified of being admitted to the hospital because he feels that he’d never come out alive.

"Patrick comes in for regular treatments. But the treatments leave him so physically drained that when he leaves, it’s often in a wheelchair."

After suffering a heart attack and then being hit by a persistent intestinal infection, Swayze decided that he needed to be close to medical care, so he has not recently been able to visit his beloved ranch in New Mexico, sources say.

"Patrick’s doctors found scar tissue around his heart during a regular physical examination a few weeks ago, which led them to believe he had a mild heart attack," said the family insider.

"Patrick has been going back and forth to Cedars-Sinai for treatment, but just when the doctors thought the antibiotics killed the infection, it returned. Patrick is in constant pain, but he refuses to give in."

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