Former blonde bombshell SUZANNE SOMERS is barely recognizable – and an expert says her shocking and strange new face looks like the result of a high-tech plastic surgery that turned into a disaster!

Fans were stunned by the 64-year-old former Three’s Company star’s drastically changed features during a recent appearance on a Canadian talk show.

According to an expert, Suzanne appears to have undergone a cutting-edge operation known as a stem cell face-lift, a procedure not yet approved in the United States that costs up to $15,000.

"Suzanne’s face looks very puffy and her lips look like sausages," Detroit-area plastic surgeon Dr. Tony Youn told The ENQUIRER. "Those are the telltale signs of a stem-cell face-lift, in which doctors inject fat and stem cells under the skin.

"Her skin is nice and tight, but she looks overdone and abnormal."

Youn speculated that she went to a foreign country for the procedure because the machines needed to process the stem cells are not FDA approved for cosmetic use in the U.S.

In recent years, Suzanne has promoted controversial anti-aging hormone treatments and alternative therapies for cancer.

As The ENQUIRER reported in December 2009, Suzanne told friends she was deeply interested in getting a stem-cell face-lift and hoped to become the poster girl for the procedure.

"Suzanne is incredibly enthusiastic about the science of applying stem cells to beat aging," a family friend told The ENQUIRER.

"She thinks stem cells are the new frontier, and she’s determined to spread the word."

The friend revealed that Suzanne planned to get both a face- and breast-lift using the new technique.

"Basically, stem cells are young cells which can divide and grow into the cells of the organ they are transplanted into," explained Dr. Youn, who has not treated the actress.

"Many people believe stem cells which are transplanted into the face can help reverse aging by becoming youthful skin and fat."

He added that Suzanne’s bloated appearance may be only temporary. Her face could begin to look more normal as the swelling from the procedure eases and as the stem cells incorporate themselves into her tissue.

A pal of the star told The ENQUIRER: "Lots of people in Hollywood view her as a pioneer in wellness and cosmetic surgery."