Susan Sarandon Brings In New Boy Toy For New Year

Susan sarandon short

Cougar Susan Sarandon has roped boxer Frank Galarza after her relationship with ping-pong lounge owner Jonathan Bricklin hit the canvas.

The 69-year-old Hollywood heavyweight’s new man is a 30-year-old Brooklyn bruiser — eight years younger than the previous holder of the “Susan’s Squeeze” title — and they’re crazy about each other, said sources.

The two have been spotted arm-in-arm at boxing matches in New York City and are working together on Youth Fighting Forward, Frank’s program for underprivileged kids.

Sexy Susan sparred with younger man Tim Robbins for 23 years before he went down for the count in 2009.

She was still going rounds with Jonathan as recently as June!

“When you are in love, the question of age, sex, color no longer hold any importance,” she said.