Wonder why former Partridge Family star Susan Dey avoids those ratings-driven TV reunions like the plague? WONDER NO MORE.

Susan, who was born in 1952, hailed from the New York City suburb of Bedford and began modeling at age 17 before landing her first acting gig on The Partridge Family which ran from 1970-74.

In the 1980s, Dey was critically admired for her role on the hit series LA Law, garnering a Golden Globe in 1987 and was then nominated four more times.  The Emmy's also honored Susan with three statues for her role as lawyer Grace Van Owen.

Susan then starred in the series Love & War (92-93).

In 1993, The ENQUIRER, in a candid exclusive interview with Susan. first revealed her secret – the beauty had been battling anorexia for nearly half her life!

"I'm not in the clear yet – I'm still trying to overcome my anorexia," Susan admitted in the exclusive November 1, 1993 interview.  "It's something that has been plaguing my life."

The 5-foot-7 star who had at one time wasted away to 90 pounds at the height of her illness, weighed a healthy 120 pounds, at the time of the interview, and felt great!

Susan – who won a years-long struggle against in alcoholism in 1987 – was going to AA meetings three times a week in 1993 and was also being counseled for her eating disorder.

"Beating a severe eating disorder is something you can not do alone," she told The ENQUIRER.

Susan was on The Partridge Family  when she first developed the life-threatening eating disorder. As the ailment progressed, it made her life a living hell.

And her problems doubled when Susan began boozing to cope with the stress of being the prefect teen ideal that appeared on hundreds of magazine covers.  In Susan's mind, she was far from prefect, suffering from low-self-esteem.

But she found new happiness when she married second husband TV producer Bernard Sofronski  and with his aid Susan beat her demons.

"It also helps when you have lots of support at home – which I do," Susan said. "My husband has been terrific!  With him backing me all the way, I'm never alone."

Therapists often advise:  In recovery, why revisit the traumas that triggered self-destruction in the first place?

And while Susan may avoid a Partridge remembrance of things past, the still-stunning 61-year-old  serves as a  board member of the Rape Treatment Center at UCLA Medical Center helping others overcome their pain.

POP FYI: Susan and costar David Cassidy did reunite publicly — on the stage of the 1990 Emmys!