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In an astonishing move that would stun most parents, the cult-like Church of Scientology has reportedly prohibited Tom Cruise from seeing his precious daughter, Suri, according to whistleblowing ex-members!

The actor has not been spotted in public with Suri – who turns 9 on April 18 – since Dec. 2013, a National ENQUIRER investigation has uncovered.

Tom has said that’s because he was filming “Mission: Impossible 5” in London. But leading experts familiar with the controversial religion disagree.

Former Scientologist Jon Atack told The ENQUIRER: “I think it’s likely that Tom reported that he was feeling upset, and that’s when I think he may have been told to drop any connection to his daughter.”

While Tom has been a devout Scientologist since the late 1980s, its doctrine regards Katie Holmes’ “public” defection as a “high crime.”

It also warns that, as the daughter of a defector, Suri may be a “Potential Trouble Source,” or PTS, and could even turn into a “Suppressive Person,” or SP. That means Tom, 52, would have to cut off all contact with Suri!

“To disavow Scientology to anyone – even your spouse – is ‘public,’ ” explained Jon, who wrote an exposé of the church titled, “Let’s Sell These People a Piece of Blue Sky.”

“So there is a presumption that Katie is an SP, and anyone with a connection to an SP – such as a child of the defector – is a PTS.” But the superstar believes he can reconnect with Suri by sending her to a Scientology school, where she’ll be educated in the bizarre teachings of church founder L. Ron Hubbard, said Jon.

“A child can be a PTS or even an SP, because Hubbard said you are born as a reincarnated spirit – a mature adult in an infant’s body,” said Jon. “But a PTS can be reformed by discipline and training, and become a good Scientologist.

“Now the word on the street is Tom is demanding Suri attend a school that uses Hubbard’s ‘study technology,’ ” Jon added.