Strap up for Virtual Sex!

Virtual Sex
Hooking up with a partner halfway around the globe may soon be as easy as strapping on a sensor-laden suit and 3D headset as sex takes a futuristic sci-fi turn, say experts.
A National ENQUIRER investigation discovered virtual reality strip clubs began to thrive amid the pandemic and companies have invented allover bodysuits allowing people to feel another’s touch from thousands of miles away!
“Coronavirus fast-forwarded technology ten times. I thought we would be doing this in 30 years, but we’re doing it now because everyone was forced to be at home,” says Kalin Moon, owner of Die Happy Tonight, a New York City gentlemen’s club.
In the pandemic’s early days, Moon’s team was one of the first jiggle joints to post prerecorded 3D virtual reality videos of gals giving lap dances as a way to stay connected with customers.
But Moon was soon flooded with requests to take things further!“I’ve had a lot of porn producers approach me after they read about what we were doing with VR,” he explains.
Now, tipsters claim the sex industry is raring to take advantage of tracking technology and skin-stimulating bodysuits! Teslasuit VP Paul Nickeas says his company’s gear was not designed with intimate activity in mind.
But he says their suits can provide “a wide range of realistic sensations from the feeling of a raindrop to the impact of a gunshot.” ”And one adult industry source expects the porn world to pounce on the possibilities!” “Once they get hold of suits like these, they will hack them for sex or build sensors for erogenous zones,” dishes the source.
Meanwhile, The ENQUIRER found the online world is teeming with sexy “clubs” where people make virtual versions of themselves — called avatars — and engage in steamy interactions!
VRChat clubs, like Club Ruby and Mamacitas Spanish Night Club, can be visited via a 3D headset, and our reporter witnessed sleazy talk and digital dough being thrown at virtual booty-shaking strippers!
Even though the encounters were animated, sexual content was easy to access — without strong checks on the age of gamers. So, The ENQUIRER warns parents: Closely monitor your children’s online activity!