Just when you think AMERICAN IDOL judge and AEROSMITH czar STEVEN TYLER can’t get any weirder or wilder – his unabashed gay sex confessional in new tell-all is a gob smacker, The ENQUIRER has learned!

His new memoir “Does the Noise In My Head Bother You?” rips the lid off his wild life of sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll with Aerosmith.

Somehow despite blowing $20 million on drugs, the rock icon  has some­how managed to stay alive – even after checking in to 8 different rehab clinics.

Tyler, 63, writes that in the band’s heyday he was buying pounds of coke for $20,000, and snorting mas­sive quantities of the drug off “the top of bass amps”.

Tyler also admits that he became so paranoid because of his cocaine use that he packed a Walther pistol and believed the FBI had him under surveillance.

He increased his drug intake by “shooting up hero­in” in his butt.

Yet, while the aging rocker’s fathered four children with three different women, he admits to dabbling in gay sex.

“Gay sex just doesn’t do it for me,” Tyler admitted.

“I tried it. . . but just didn’t dig it.”

Walk THIS way, indeed.