Steve Harvey’s Wife Jealous After he Praises Jennifer Hudson

Steve Harvey
Big-mouthed Steve Harvey’s unbridled gushing over Jennifer Hudson has his wife, Marjorie, doing a slow burn — and she’s ordered TV’s newest judge to knock it off, say sources.
Hot-to-trot Harvey has been talking up Hudson’s new talk show, predicting it will be a huge hit because the 40-year-old beauty is not only an immensely talented singer and actress but also relatable. And all that praise apparently isn’t sitting well with his wife, insiders tattle.
“Marjorie is fuming,” dishes an insider. “Trouble is, Steve has long had a crush on Jennifer and he never knows when to stop talking.” “He might think the world of Jennifer and rave about how talented she is, how beautiful and strong she is [but] it’s enough to make Marjorie sick to her stomach.”
Cigar-chomping Harvey, 65, wed third wife Marjorie, 57, in 2007 after meeting her during a comedy tour — amid claims they hooked up before his divorce was finalized. However, Harvey is now a new man since losing weight, undergoing a style makeover and topping the TV ratings with his new show, Judge Steve Harvey. But sources claim he’s become a little full of himself — and Marjorie is determined to keep him in check.
“Bottom line is Marjorie is not going to put up with Steve flirting with other women and making a spectacle of himself,” says the insider. “She’s put him on alert to shape up — or else!”