Mike Walker

Stephen King + Gayle King = Two Ding-A-Lings!

Scary writer gets a fright over morning host's joke!

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Stephen King didn’t mind Gayle King joking that they’re “related” (they’re not!) when he appeared on “CBS This Morning” — after all, they’ve got the same last name — but he acted like he’d seen a ghost after she joked that he was actually her uncle!

“Gayle called famed horror writer Stephen her ‘uncle’ not once, but twice,” said my backstage tattler.

“She said it once to promo their interview while he was still backstage — and then once more during the interview itself.

“Gayle, who’s 61, joked that they’re related — but Stephen, 68, actually acted annoyed and bitched backstage: ‘We’re only 7 years apart, so I’m hardly old enough to be Gayle’s uncle — ‘brother’ would have been a far better choice!’”

Hey, Scary King — lighten up, or Oprah Winfrey might rip you a new one!