“STARSKY AND HUTCH” star PAUL  MICHAEL GLASER collared by cops for lovin’ the ganja!

The ENQUIRER has learned the 69-year-old actor – best known for his role as Det. Dave Starsky on the classic ’70s series – was busted for smoking pot in Kentucky.

What’s worse, he was in town promoting his children’s book, “Chrystallia and the Source of Light,” to local churches and libraries!

According to sources, police were called to the Hilton Garden Inn in Bowling Green on May 11 after someone at the hotel smelled marijuana coming from Glaser’s room.

Another guest at the hotel commented: “It’s pretty unfortunate that Paul is in our town promoting a children’s book and was high as a kite!”

A source close to Glaser says the former TV star turned to the illegal drug because he’s depressed over his 2007 split from his second wife, Tracy. He reportedly owes her $16,000 in support for her and their 14-year-old daughter, Zoe.

Glaser’s first wife, Elizabeth, died in 1994 of AIDS, which she contracted from a blood transfusion she received during the birth of their daughter in 1981.

“Paul’s been through a lot over the years and has turned to marijuana because of his depression over his personal life,” maintained the source.

“He thought the marriage to Tracy would bring him happiness but it backfired.

“He’s never been the same since Elizabeth died.”

Police confirmed that Glaser, who explained he had a medical marijuana prescription from California, was cited for possession and released. He will have a court appearance and will likely be fined.