Staff Faults Fallon for Backing Bullies

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 9
Sean Gallagher/NBC

Jovial Jimmy Fallon is being blasted as a heartless boss who oversaw a toxic work environment behind the scenes of The Tonight Show, insiders dish.

While Jimmy isn’t personally being branded a bully, a source insists “at any moment he could have stood up and said ‘enough’ to the terrible goings-on. But instead, at best he did nothing, and at worst he encouraged it.”

Jimmy’s longtime showrunner, Jamie Granet-Bederman, was the target of employee complaints, according to spies. But while Jimmy, 47, paints her imminent departure as a chance for Jamie to pursue other projects, sources claim she was sacked over the scandal.

While some NBC folks say Jamie was okay, one insider rants, “She’s a monster, worse than Ellen [DeGeneres]! What she put the staff through on a daily basis was wrong. She destroyed careers and even souls. So many people left the TV business altogether because of her.”

As The National ENQUIRER has reported, NBCUniversal began interviewing current and former Tonight staffers after one complained about abusive backstage behavior.

Though one network source claims Jimmy wasn’t a target of the probe and was never accused of wrongdoing, spies say those who spoke out during the inquiry are now terrified they’ll face revenge.

Despite Fallon’s nice guy image, the insider insists Jimmy “is not a good man. To allow a bully to create such a toxic environment is wrong. Too many people know the truth about him. Karma is coming.”