WITH no man in her life, twice-divorced sitcom queen KIRSTIE ALLEY  has dreamed up a fantasy husband!  

The former “Cheers” star, 63, recently posted a photo on her Facebook page of a lavish bouquet of flowers, and wrote: “Thank you my darling husband for the most glorious flowers…a bird cage with tiny spar­kling baby birds…stunning!”

But Kirstie is not married, and a source says pals, as well as a mental health expert, fear she’s lost touch with reality. “Kirstie appears to be fanta­sizing that she’s happily married and being romanced,” said a friend.

“For the sake of her sanity, all her friends hope that she finds love soon.”

The “Fat Actress” star’s bizarre Facebook post comes on the heels of her raunchy sex-and-drug-soaked 2012 memoir, “The Art of Men.” In it, she boasted actor John Travolta had stolen her heart, even though The ENQUIRER has exposed his secret gay life.

Kirstie also wrote that she’d fallen hard for the late “Dirty Dancing” hunk Patrick Swayze.

“Bad Girls” author and psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman said that Kirstie’s book was “a replace­ment for real-life sex and a real-life man. It’s sad and pathetic.”

Now, based on the actress’ recent Facebook post, Dr. Robi Ludwig, a psychotherapist and former host of the TLC reality TV program “One Week to Save Your Marriage,” (who has not treated Kirstie) told The ENQUIRER: “Kirstie’s post about ‘my darling husband’ could simply be a desperate cry for attention. On the other hand, she could be suffering a psychotic break from reality.”

Kirstie hasn’t been in a serious re­lationship since a nearly four-year romance with younger actor James Wilder flamed out in 2000. She re­cently admitted to Ellen DeGeneres that she had no boyfriend and joked that she’s even tried dating “ugly guys.”

When The ENQUIRER contacted Kirstie’s manager about her fantasy Face­book post, he replied via email: “You apparently know more about her life than she does…you tell her.”

The closest thing she has to a husband these days may be gay Jonathan Knight of New Kids on the Block fame. The two pals have exchanged Internet messages, calling each other husband and wife.

Meanwhile, the 5-foot-8 star contin­ues to wage a seemingly never ending battle of the bulge. Kirstie lost 75 pounds while promoting Jenny Craig in 2005 and 2006. But in 2009, she checked her­self into a fat farm after sources said she’d ballooned to 265 pounds.

During her 2011 run on “Dancing with the Stars,” Kirstie dropped to 190 pounds. And, as we recently reported, friends suspected she’d secretly resorted to lipo­suction to slim down to 165 pounds while promoting her latest sitcom, “Kirstie.”

Despite that, photos snapped in late January show the former “Veronica’s Closet” star looking flabby again.

“Kirstie is heading back toward 200 pounds,” said a source. “She doesn’t need a man as much as she needs some self-control when it comes to food.”