Space Case Tucker Carlson wants to Blast off!

Celebrities at Craig's restaurant, Los Angeles, USA - 20 Oct 2018

Far-out Fox firebrand Tucker Carlson is obsessed with UFOs — and now he wants to blast off into outer space by snagging a free trip from rocket man Elon Musk, tipsters dish.

On a recent episode of his top-rated show Tucker Carlson Tonight, the conservative host, 52, lauded Elon, 50, as a proponent of free speech for his investment in Twitter. But sources snitch his praise is a ploy to butter up the SpaceX founder!

According to an insider, Tucker, who regularly talks about aliens on TV, has been “kissing up to Elon privately for ages” and is “desperate” to get a seat on one of his company’s starships — despite the businessman being “very dismissive of him!”

As National ENQUIRER readers know, sources claim Tucker was rejected by the CIA in college — and he’s still bitter!

“He still says the CIA made a big mistake not taking him. He’s convinced he’s still destined to make a big mark,” the insider confides. “The way he sees it, if he gets close to Elon, chances are high he’ll be on the cutting edge of contact with alien life. The possibility of that is intoxicating to him and his ego, so he’ll do whatever it takes to get on Elon’s good side.”