Songbird Christina Aguilera’s Weight off the Charts!

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Aging pop tart Christina Aguilera is a bigger star than ever — but that’s NOT a good thing!

After examining recent photos of the 41-year-old “Candyman” singer, doctors were shocked by her estimated 50-pound weight gain and warn she’s risking her health.

“The extra weight makes her a target for dozens of serious illnesses, including heart failure, cancer, diabetes and right now — COVID,” says Dr. Stuart Fischer, author of The Park Avenue Diet. “She needs to take a serious look at her diet and health regimen.”

Longevity expert Dr. Gabe Mirkin agrees.

“If she doesn’t lose that extra weight, she can expect to die earlier than the average woman,” he says.

The 5-foot-2 songbird was a svelte 102 pounds during the height of her popularity in the early 2000s. But now, some critics suggest she looks like an overstuffed pineapple.

“Christina enjoys food and feels much better for it,” tattles a source. “She’s a size 16 and proud of it.”

But Fischer feels Christina has gotten too comfortable with living larger.

“A lot of people reck­lessly gained weight during the pandemic and it contributed to the death toll,” he notes. “She needs to rethink her relationship with food — before it’s too late.”

The doctors quoted in this article have not treated Christina Aguilera.