Shia LaBeouf Goes Cuckoo At ‘Cabaret’


SHIA LABEOUF has a beef with cops and they haul his ass in during perf of “Cabaret” on Great White Way.

Simmering Shia star was “disruptive during Act 1″ of “Cabaret” at Manhattan’s Studio 54, a show spokesman said. LaBeouf was reportedly cursing up a storm and making a ruckus and then was kicked out at the musical’s intermission.

"Shia was an absolute mess,” an eyewitness who was staffing Studio 54 told The ENQUIRER.  “(He) started eating a cheese plate I put out for a server, then turned to an old woman and fed her a grape. Hysterical, but then he lit up a cig and fell off his chair. That's why he was escorted out"

New York City Police said the “incoherent” and “very agitated” 28-year-old Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull star was  taken into custody in connection with disorderly conduct and criminal trespass. At Studio 54, the tattered thesp was smoking and smacking playgoers at the venue on their butts and upside the back of their heads among other things.

Cops say that as they approached LaBeouf, he fell down.

While in custody at the Midtown-North station, insiders told the NY Post, the Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps star had to be placed into a mask after he began spitting toward cops on duty when he was upset they wouldn’t take his handcuffs off.

He told them, “F–k you, I’ll f–k you up,” and called one a “f*g” in his extended diatribe, sources told the NY tabs.

LaBeouf, sources told the paper, told one officer, “I have millions and millions of dollars and attorneys — I’m going to ruin your career!”

Like you ruined yours? Schmuck.