Snowflake Tucker Carlson’s $250K Beauty Regimen!

Tucker Carlson, New York, USA - 02 Mar 2017

Fox News star Tucker Carlson may sound like a tough guy on TV, but sources say behind the scenes he primps like a woke metrosexual with beauty regimens that would put Jennifer Aniston to shame!

Sources tell The National ENQUIRER the bigmouthed, 52-year-old host of Tucker Carlson Tonight is one of the vainest celebrities around.

“You wouldn’t expect it of him, especially with his watchdog demeanor, but people who work with him know he’s excessively concerned when it comes to his appearance,” spills an insider. “His grooming ritual is a serious part of his day and takes hours.”

Carlson not only uses expensive cleansers and anti-aging moisturizers, but also under-eye gel pads to blot out bloating, masks for a smooth complexion and gets a weekly facial, adds the source. He also seems downright obsessive about his locks.

“Tucker has his hair colored and is very particular about the shade being consistent week after week,” continues the insider. “It’s styled just right by a professional, with those perfect waves he likes so much. It doesn’t just get that way on its own. And when he sees a gray hair, he gets rid of it immediately.”

Carlson’s makeup arsenal could compete with any diva and sources insist it includes concealer to disguise the bags and circles under his eyes, along with foundation, bronzer and face mists.

“The cost of being Tucker is astronomical,” says the insider. “Some guess it’s in the vicinity of $250,000 a year, but most of it is done at work and is part of his deal.”

Carlson has also slimmed down lately by cutting back on business lunches and state dinners, and choosing healthy foods like kale salad over things like potatoes and cornbread.

Sources point out Tucker looked very lean and smooth-skinned in a recent segment on Prince Harry and Meghan. But his self-pampering clearly hasn’t softened his edge. He worked himself into a frenzy blasting the rebel royals as “grifters” after they demanded tech powerhouse Spotify silence controversial podcaster Joe Rogan.

“That annoying fake duchess from L.A. and her brain-dead husband threatened to walk unless Spotify muzzled Joe Rogan,” sniped Carlson.

“But they’re not going anywhere. These two grifters have a $25 million deal with Spotify for essentially no work.”

Adds the insider, “Tucker even has a crew member whose job is to pat down his face after his sweaty, verbal rampages.”