Snoop Dogg Snubs Cuddly Kelly Clarkson

American Song Contest - Season 1
Chris Haston/Dave Bjerke/NBC

Lonely Kelly Clarkson wants to buddy up with her “American Song Contest” co-star Snoop Dogg, but he’s giving her the cold shoulder, sources reveal.

“Kelly and Snoop have such great chemistry on camera you’d think they were best friends, but off camera it’s a different story,” tattles a tipster.

The country songbird, 39, and the raunchy rapper, 50, make an unlikely pair, but that hasn’t stopped Kelly from trying to befriend him.

“When Kelly works with someone, she genuinely wants to get to know them,” continues the insider. “But Snoop is much more guarded.”

Apparently, the huge entourage surrounding Snoop hasn’t warmed up to the “Stronger” singer.

“It’s awkward for her, since Snoop and his clique always seem to be having a great time with lots of inside jokes, and they don’t include Kelly,” explains the source.

As National ENQUIRER readers know, Kelly’s still reeling from her bitter divorce from ex-hubby Brandon Blackstock.

“Kelly’s had a tough year,” spills the source. “She was looking forward to having a work husband, but Snoop has made it clear he’s just not interested. It’s hard for her not to feel snubbed, but she’s not letting anyone see her sweat it, least of all Snoop.”