Snooki and Jionni

SNOOKI is strutting her sexy stuff on "Dancing with the Stars" and getting so much attention from lovestruck guys that her fiance fears she may end up dumping him.

The 25-year-old queen of the "Jersey Shore" is thrilled with her avalanche of fan mail requesting dates and even her hand in marriage — but a source says her handsome baby daddy, Jionni LaValle, 26, worries that she'll be swept off her feet by someone else before he has the chance to say "I do."

Nicole Polizzi — who goes by the nickname Snooki — and Jionni got engaged in March 2012. And although she and her italian Stallion now have a 1-year-old son, Lorenzo, they have still not set a wedding date.

Meanwhile, Snooki has dropped 50 pounds and is looking great. And her showbiz prospects are bright. "Her career is really taking off," said a close source.

"She's been getting calls about starring in her own sitcom, and her agents are receiving scripts from movie producers."

Deeply in love Jionni keeps asking her to pick a wedding date, an insider says, but Snooki always finds reasons to delay. "Now She wants to hold off until the house they are building is complete," said a close source. "It's always something.

"Jionni is terrified of losing her. He's showering her with gifts of expensive jewelry, flowers and sexy lingerie. He's desperate for her to set a wedding date before some other guy steals her away. His big fear is that she'll fall for a young Hollywood star who's hunkier and wealthier than he is!"