Slimmed-Down Khloé Kardashian Reshapes Her Jawline!

Khloé Kardashian’s jaw-dropping glam-gal makeover continues!

The newly svelte bombshell has reshaped her jawline and plumped up her kisser, revealed insiders.

“She wanted a thinner-looking face to go with her newly sleek physique,” a source told The National ENQUIRER. “She timed procedures so people would assume her face looks more delicate and well-defined due to weight loss.”

Khloé, who’s always cringed over her reputation as the “big Kardashian,” now turns heads worldwide thanks to her statuesque, goddess-like figure.

Despite having lost several inches off her waist in a few months, Khloé, 31, still wished her face looked slimmer.

“She’s become obsessed with her looks,” said the insider. “Khloé very rapidly lost 15 pounds, and now her waist is the tiniest it’s been! She was determined to have her face match her thin body.

“So when she made an appointment for her lip injections a few weeks ago, she asked for time to talk about Botox options along her jawline.”

That’s not all Khloé’s been doing to improve her face, revealed the source.

“She also does facial exercises to enhance the look of her cheekbones!” said the insider. “She’s extremely dedicated to looking great!”