NOW IT CAN BE TOLD! MARLON BRANDO did more than play the bongos with the well-endowed Cuban stud in Havana!
During the 1950s, Pre-Castro Cuba was a never-ending boozy orgy for politicians, The Mafia and sex-crazed movie stars – and the hunky Brando  –  long rumored to swing both ways – was NO exception!  
At the vortex of this hedonistic orgy was The Tropicana, a pleasure dome of sin until Fidel Castro and his revolutionaries shut the party down and threw everyone out including Rita Hayworth and JFK!
In early 1956, Brando jetted to Havana at the spur of the moment, Vanity Fair reported.
Brando was hot to bongo so he hit the big show at the Tropicana’s orchestra, looking to score a tumadora, from one of the band’s drummers. 
After the steamy show, he took off with a few pals to explore Havana’s debauched underground clubs where anything and everything was “permitted” under the corrupt politicos.
“Brando rolled into The Shanghai with two showgirls,” an eyewitness told the glam mag.
 “The Shanghai featured live sex shows with a man known as Superman.”
The performer was renowned for having an 18 inch erect penis and would often invite women from the audience to “do it with him onstage” after he finished his act.
“That night, Brando wanted to meet him.
“They were introduced, and Brando dumped the two showgirls and took off with Superman!”