Simon Cowell Finally Gets A Job!


Simon Cowell is joining the judges’ panel on “America’s Got Talent” — after his baby mama told him to get to work!

Sources say the 56-year-old showbiz mogul was reduced to pestering AGT producers for the chance to replace radio shock jock Howard Stern.

He told them, “If you are looking for a very good-looking British judge which sort of fits this show, I know someone.”

Simon’s pals dish that he was pushed into a comeback on American television by Lauren Silverman — the mother of his only child, 20-month-old Eric.

The 38-year-old knockout told Simon she wanted to move back to America to be closer to her mom in Miami, and to see more of her 8-year-old son Adam, who attends school in Manhattan and often stays with Lauren’s ex-hubby Andrew Silverman.

“Simon’s worth $550 million so he didn’t need AGT – but it’s something he desperately wanted to keep Lauren happy,” revealed an insider. “Lauren’s been desperate for him to snag the AGT gig,” added a pal.

“After the miserable demise of his ‘X-Factor’ show, Simon needs something to keep him in the public eye here in the States!”

As The ENQUIRER reported, this isn’t the first time that Simon has been cowed by his baby mama. He’s already seen his relationship with Lauren go from “friends with benefits” to “father with responsibilities!”

“America’s Got Talent,” a spin-off of the Cowell-created “Britain’s Got Talent,” is looking for Simon to return to his “Mr. Nasty” image from his days on “American Idol.”

“I can’t sit in front of someone who’s useless and say, ‘Take a couple of singing lessons and everything will be fine,’” Simon insisted.

Added the source: “Don’t expect fatherhood to have mellowed Simon. His blunt — and sometimes insulting comments — are lapped up by huge audiences!”