Shocking Tell-All Could Put Sex Sicko Bill Clinton In Prison!

Shocking tell all could put sex sicko clinton in prison ne short

Bill and Hillary Clinton could soon be serving time in side-by-side jail cells!

Only weeks after The National ENQUIRER reported how Hillary Clinton’s email flap will likely put her behind bars, the author of a new tell-all has claimed husband Bill could be right behind her!

The book, “The Clintons’ War on Women,” reveals shocking details about the former president’s harrowing history of sexual assaults on nearly a dozen victims, charges Clinton has denied.

Authorities may now finally have the smoking gun to nail Slick Willy!

“We’re talking about incidents where Bill Clinton has literally jumped on female victims, attacked and in some cases raped them,” co-author Robert Morrow, a political researcher and Clinton expert, exclusively told The ENQUIRER.

“In three cases, he violently bit his victim’s lip, almost as if to show her what would happen if she ever spoke about what had taken place!

“I don’t know the statute of limitations in the jurisdictions where each of these crimes occurred, but I think Bill certainly has cause to worry!”

According to the book, the former Horndog-in-Chief’s history of rape and sexual assault dates back to 1969 when he attended Oxford University in England.

The crimes he’s allegedly committed include:

– Miss America 1982, Elizabeth Ward Gracen, has denied reports Bill raped her in Little Rock in 1983 while he was governor. But the book describes how she confided to best pal Judy Stokes the rape had, indeed, occurred!

– While forcing himself on campaign volunteer Juanita Broaddrick twice in a half hour during the 1978 Arkansas gubernatorial campaign, Bill chillingly told her, “My God, I can do that again!”

– After Bill assaulted campaign staffer Kathleen Willey in the Oval Office in 1993, one of Kathleen’s cats was stolen, another was killed, a skull was left on her porch, her car was vandalized, her kids were threatened and someone tried to steal her dogs from a kennel. Kathleen told the book’s authors: “They subjected me to a campaign of fear and intimidation, trying to silence me.”

These shocking revelations come on the heels of an ENQUIRER report analyzing how Hillary’s email scandal will not only end her campaign, but also result in criminal prosecution.

The ENQUIRER quoted legal experts who said that if any of the emails placed on a private server were found to contain classified information, she could face felony charges.

The Inspector General for U.S. Intelligence has since discovered at least two of those emails included classified information.