Shocking Reason Melanie’s Still Single at 64!

Melanie Griffith at Craig's for Dinner

Screen sexpot Melanie Griffith hasn’t had a serious date — or steamy romps in the sheets — in eight years because she can’t find a guy who can rise to her high standards, according to sources, who note she’s been romanced by the world’s most desirable hunks.

The 64-year-old Working Girl’s ex-hubbies include Miami Vice stud Don Johnson, 72, and Spanish stallion Antonio Banderas, 61, so “not a lot of men fit the bill,” a source says. “She goes on the odd date but every one of them leaves her cold. She’s very fussy.”

That leaves matchmaking pals tearing out their hair in frustration.

“Her friends like Kris Jenner have set her up, but they’ve practically exhausted the supply,” tattles the insider. “Even Antonio has tried to hook her up with guys.”

Melanie’s love life got bleaker with the COVID-19 pandemic since the actress ‘has spent most of the past two years at home,” notes the source.

“It made it even more difficult to meet new and exciting people. Now she’s at the point where she’s saying she’s never ever going to find someone.”

Fortunately, her kids — Ray Donovan star Steven Bauer’s son Alexander, 36, Johnson’s daughter Dakota, 32, and Antonio’s girl Stella, 25 — fill the gap.

“They’re her world and her main focus,” says the source. “Melanie admits she’s her own worst enemy when it comes to finding love again — because most of the time, she’d rather hang out with her family or friends than go meet someone new.”