Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Only Answers To The Name John!

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have consulted a child expert about their daughter Shiloh’s obsession with becoming a boy, The National ENQUIRER has learned.

The precocious 9-year-old answers only to the name John, sources said, and wants to follow the gender-bending lead of Caitlyn Jenner!

“Shiloh thinks that if a man can become a woman, then a woman can turn into a man,” a family insider claimed. “To her it’s a simple choice.”

The 1976 Olympic champion formerly known as Bruce, 65, went public with her transition to female, and starred in her own E! series, “I Am Cait.”

But Brad also has wondered whether having two older brothers influenced Shiloh’s gender preference, said the insider.

Meanwhile, “The expert told Brad that Shiloh dressed as a boy because ‘that’s the way she is,’ ” said the source. “He said the worst thing to do would be to force Shiloh to wear dresses and play with dolls.

“But Brad and Angelina would never do that! They felt better knowing it was okay to let Shiloh pick out her clothes without making a big deal about it.”

As The ENQUIRER has reported, Shiloh flat-out refused to play the part of a princess in Angelina’s Disney movie “Maleficent,” even though her superstar mom urged her to do it.

Instead, sources said Shiloh wanted to play a boy’s role, or even a monster.

The ENQUIRER has also previously reported Shiloh’s fixation on dressing and acting like a boy had caused friction in the Jolie-Pitt household.

While Brad, 51, and Angelina, 40, both support their daughter’s fashion choices now, we disclosed in 2010 that Brad was furious at the actress for allowing Shiloh to sport a short haircut and wear boys’ clothing.

And in December 2011, we revealed that Brad “flipped out” when he saw Shiloh dressed in an outfit belonging to her older brother Pax, who is now 11.

“Brad and Angelina were only coming from a place of love, and wanting the best for Shiloh,” said the insider. “They want her to feel loved and secure.”

Also according to the insider, the expert told the celebrity couple that their nomadic lifestyle, including uprooting their brood to go on location for film shoots, prevented Shiloh from interacting with peers her age in a traditional school setting.

The source said: “All six kids are tutored. It’s crucial at this stage in Shiloh’s development that she be with as many other kids as possible.

“Being home-schooled and tutored is keeping her world very small.”

The expert also advised the superstar parents that while Shiloh wants to be a boy now, she could very well embrace her femininity when she enters her teen years, said the source.

“Meanwhile,” added the family insider, “Angelina is very accepting of Shiloh’s choices, but Brad can’t wait for Shiloh to outgrow her ‘boy’ obsession.”