Shia LaBeouf’s Shame As He Freaks Out At Party!

Troubled star Shia LaBeouf was recorded ranting to himself, flailing his arms and dancing -— completely alone.

The bizarre behavior at a party in Tübingen, Germany, may have been the final freakout for Shia, 29, and his then-galpal, actress Mia Goth, 22.

“He was dancing and talking loudly to himself, kind of like he was on a rant,” said an eyewitness, adding hard-partying Shia was really rude to Mia.

Earlier this summer, Shia was filmed fuming that he would have “killed” Mia.

But he was hardly in make-up mode with the “Everest” star.

“Mia was getting pretty annoyed and sounded like she kept saying, ‘Let’s go home, you’ve had enough,’” said the source.

But Shia “was uncontrollable.”