Shia LaBeouf’s Shame As He Freaks Out At Party!

Shias shame as he freaks out at party ne short

Troubled star Shia LaBeouf was recorded ranting to himself, flailing his arms and dancing -— completely alone.

The bizarre behavior at a party in Tübingen, Germany, may have been the final freakout for Shia, 29, and his then-galpal, actress Mia Goth, 22.

“He was dancing and talking loudly to himself, kind of like he was on a rant,” said an eyewitness, adding hard-partying Shia was really rude to Mia.

Earlier this summer, Shia was filmed fuming that he would have “killed” Mia.

But he was hardly in make-up mode with the “Everest” star.

“Mia was getting pretty annoyed and sounded like she kept saying, ‘Let’s go home, you’ve had enough,’” said the source.

But Shia “was uncontrollable.”