Sherri Shepherd Chases off Wendy Williams’ Demons!

Sherri Shepard
Sherri Shepard

Sherri Shepherd is looking forward to making a clean start as she takes over wacky Wendy Williams’ spot on TV — and sources tell Straight Shuter that’s why she’s having the troubled blabbermouth’s old studio fumigated and blessed before she sets foot in it!

“There will be a lot of sage burned in the studio Wendy used to call home to get rid of the bad energy and negative vibes,” snitches a source.

“That place has seen its fair share of drama over the years and Sherri wants to make sure all that negativity leaves the building — along with its former host!”

Sherri, 55, has always been up front about her faith and spirituality, and insiders say she plans to bring her beliefs to her brand-new gabfest.

“Production meetings have already started, and Sherri is not shying away from talking about her faith,” dishes a source. “She is kinder than Wendy and less interested in bashing celebrities than Wendy.”

“The show will still cover hot topics and gossip but it will also now cover more uplifting and inspirational topics too!”