A financial war is brewing in the upcoming divorce between Sharon Stone and her newspaper editor husband Phil Bronstein — sources say Sharon has refused to pay out a penny of her fortune.

“It’s going to get ugly before it’s over,” a source close to the couple told The ENQUIRER. “It looks like both sides are gearing up for a battle over money.

“Phil filed for the divorce and Sharon is not about to part with a red cent more than she has to.

“Neither Sharon nor Phil is the kind to back down from a fight. They both have well-known tempers and there’s a lot at stake here.”

Sharon, 45, and 52-year-old Bronstein have been married for more than five years and have a 3-year-old adopted son Roan, “but she believes she doesn’t owe Phil a thing,” said an insider.

“I think she feels she’s already paid enough, in terms of the embarrassment and humiliation she’s gone through.

“The timing couldn’t have been worse for her. She was in the midst of getting her career back on track and she had given an interview that essentially said the marriage was strong, despite the fact that Phil could get a little ‘testy.’

“She was quoted as saying, ‘The only marriages that last are the ones you don’t leave. Make the commitment and stick to it.’

“Sharon felt that by filing for divorce after the interview came out, Phil was trying to humiliate her.

“What’s more, she feels that she has borne the brunt of caring for their son Roan.

“Right now, they’re still in the preliminary stages of working out the financial terms of the divorce, as well as custody of Roan.

“But Sharon’s made it clear to friends that she’s going to stand her ground.”