Sharon Stone reveals the secret of how she landed her eye opening star making tuirn in classic Basic Instinct!

As the Hamptons Film festival she told her fans that she wore an clingy Armani pantsuit and uber-sheer top with no bra underneath to prove to producers she had no probs whatsoever with doing nudity to director Paul Verhoeven.

The blonde beauty had worked non-stop or 8 months for to land the iconic leg-crossing part after her manager lifted the top secret script from a producer’s secretary’s desk when no one was looking.

"After 12 actresses turned down the role, it was finally mine," Stone divulged to the packed house of film fans.

But after the first preview and seeing WHAT the audience saw as she crossed her legs, Sharon debated about what to do .

"After a week of considering to stop the release of the movie, I decided it fit the character in the film and it should stay in."

And the rest, as they say, is HERstory.