Notorious bad girl Shannen Doherty is still creating havoc — flirting outrageously with her engaged co-star, say sources.

What’s more, the sexy “North Shore” actress has not mellowed at age 33 — she’s still an infuriating diva on the set, charge insiders.

Although the brunette beauty is dating Manhattan hotelier Jason Pomeranc, that didn’t stop her from putting on a public spectacle with her 25-year-old co-star Jason Momoa — who is engaged to Australian actress Simmone Mackinnon.

On December 11, Shannen and Jason, who plays a bartender on the Hawaii-based show, were spotted partying at the Buddha Bar in Oahu.

The two “were drinking shots, dancing and grinding on each other,” revealed an observer.

And another eyewitness reports the two were “dirty dancing. People were whooping and hollering at the raunchy, intimate way they were dancing. It was a Christmas party.”

Shannen is also shaking up the set of her FOX drama, charged an insider.

“She throws fits over the wardrobe, demanding more expensive labels to wear than the star Brooke Burns, and all sorts of petty things. She hasn’t changed a bit since her days on ‘Beverly Hills, 90210.’ “

As The ENQUIRER previously reported, Brooke and Shannen play sisters on TV, but in real life, there’s no love between the two.

That’s because Shannen had a shocking fling with Brooke’s husband, “Charmed” actor Julian McMahon, in the summer of 2001.

“I found out through The National ENQUIRER,” declared Brooke, after ditching her cheating spouse. Reading our story, she said, was “the final straw.”

Since then Brooke has not warmed to her hell-raising co-star.

“They still aren’t getting along at all,” revealed the insider.

“But the cast and crew have been instructed to tell the press how easy Shannen is to work with.”