Sexpot Jackie Collins Bedded Marlon Brando & Larry Hagman!

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Jackie Collins lived her life like it was torn from the pages of one of her own racy novels!

The best-selling author — who died at 77 on Sept. 19 after a six-year battle with breast cancer — had affairs with Marlon Brando and Larry Hagman while she was just a teenager.

Jackie, who sold over 500 million copies of her novels, featuring her trademark blend of highly sexualized female empowerment, also maintained a life-long feud with her sister, actress Joan Collins, 82. Jackie shockingly didn’t tell Joan she was dying until two weeks before the end!

As a young teen, Jackie moved in with her older sister, who introduced her to a host of Hollywood acquaintances, including Marlon.

“Marlon was in his early 30s and I was about to be 16,” Jackie recalled.

“He stared straight at my 39-inch chest and said, ‘That’s a great-looking body you have, little girl.’ We had a very brief but fabulous affair — he was at the height of his fame and glamour.”

Before Marlon, she and Joan both dated Larry Hagman, then 19, who would go on to fame as J.R. Ewing on the hit TV series “Dallas.”

Larry was quoted as saying: “I never got anywhere with them, but boy, they were lots of fun.” Had he known Jackie was jailbait at just 13, Larry probably never would have dated her!

Late in life, Jackie also developed an obsession with Irish hunk Colin Farrell.

She once told a writer: “Did you ever see the Colin Farrell sex tape? My God, he’s got an enormous (BLEEP), and he comes walking towards the camera with it. You’ve got to get hold of it!”