Sex is Always on Willie Nelson’s Mind!

Willie Nelson Marijuana, Los Angeles, USA

Hot-to-trot Willie Nelson is letting his love life go to pot — the spry singer’s daily diet of weed edibles is fueling the energetic 89-year-old’s libido and driving wife Annie D’Angelo nuts, sources snitch.

“He’s high on life — and those CBD gummies and hemp oils — and it’s wearing Annie out!” an insider spills. “Willie’s insatiable — even at his age. If he doesn’t get his way at least once a day, five times a week minimum, he turns into a moody man.”

Though the country outlaw’s lungs have taken a beating from decades of toking and smoking, pneumonia and emphysema, the insider confides the randy Red Headed Stranger has bounced back big-time!

As The National ENQUIRER reported, sources claim loved ones feared the former pot puffer was on borrowed time amid mounting health woes.

The insider adds, “It wasn’t long ago he was having trouble standing through a set onstage, though he tells pals he’s much better now.”

However, the spy squeals concerned Annie, 65, worries her horny hubby could have a stroke or heart attack if he doesn’t calm down!

But according to the insider, his wiped-out wife would also just like to watch the late show — “without Willie turning into a sex maniac!”