British defense ministry releases 4,000 pages on alleged UFO incidents but still has no answers.

During the past 3 years the National Archives gradually has been releasing previously classified secret UFO papers after an increase in public demand.

Among the de-classified docs:  the “Rendlesham Forest Incident” of December 1980, one of England’s most notorious UFO sightings.

The file contains U.S.AF Lt. Col. Charles Halt’s first-hand account of the mind boggling incident, in which the base commander was baffled by bright, pulsing lights in the sky. The secret file includes the official government investigative report and an impassioned letter from a former defense chief urging officials around the world to take UFOs more seriously.

The object was not detected on radar nor was there any evidence of a “glowing, triangular metallic object” found after being reported by USAF patrols.  The Brits concluded whatever it was, it posed no threat to national security.

“It’s evident there is some connection between newspaper stories, TV programs and films about alien visitors, and the numbers of UFO sightings,” David Clarke, National Archives consultant and UFO-logist  said.

“One of the busiest years for UFO sightings reported to the Ministry of Defense over the past half century was 1978 – the year Close Encounters of the Third Kind was released.”

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