You STILL think Michael Jackson suffered from a "rare skin disorder"? It’s called bleach.

The lotion used to gradually lighten his skin over time was Benoquin lotion and its lightening process happens in gradual stages.

Photos from the early 1980s show Jacko’s neck and face slowly altering from dark brown to burnt sienna to tan.

When the process was complete and he became "white" and began ingesting anti-inflammatory drugs regularly because of his decomposing plastic surgery, he shifted to a new lightening agent monobenzyl ether of hydroquinone.

This hue changing properties of these chemicals were first discovered by accident as the chemicals were primarily used in manufacturing women’s latex rubber girdles.

When African Americans discovered their mid sections were becoming a lighter shade of pale, it became a viable option for manufactured hue alteration.

And right UP Jacko’s alley.