TOM ARNOLD’s notorious drug-dealing sister is out of prison and headed for Hollywood! And now the Queen of Meth, LORI ARNOLD- WOTEN TELLS ALL in a bombshell world exclusive ENQUIRER interview!

A new film about the life of Lori Arnold-Woten, 50, is in the planning stages, and it will show how the comedian’s crooked sibling went from a small-town Iowa girl to an imprisoned drug lord known as "Scarface in a Skirt."

"Our sister Lori operated one of the largest criminal enterprises in the Midwest," Lori and Tom’s brother Chris told The ENQUIRER.

Lori was introduced to deadly methamphetamine in 1984, and quickly went from using to selling.

While big brother Tom was making a name for himself in Hollywood, Lori was making a name for herself in the Midwest as "The Queen of Meth."

At one point, she was one of the FBI’s Most Wanted.

"In less than five years after I tried meth, I had sold enough of the drug  to buy a bar, a range of sports cars, several planes, a 177-acre horse ranch, 14 houses, a car lot, and I owned $73,000 in jewelry alone," Lori told The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview.

"I had so much money, I had to stuff it in the walls of my house."

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