Scared Barbra Streisand’s $300M Vegas Hell!

Barbra Streisand Awaits her turn to Receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Bashful singing legend Barbra Streisand is being offered $300 million for a Vegas casino residency, but the diva’s crushing stage fright is holding her back, insiders say.

Sources snitch the 80-year-old Yentl superstar has been plagued by performance anxiety throughout her decades-long career and while she masked her phobia, the very idea of a long-running gig gives her the jitters.

Even a $300 million payday can’t budge her fears, spies snitch.

“All of the resort casinos have been after Barbra to do a residency and keep upping the pay that would make her one of, if not the highest-earning star in Las Vegas,” reveals an insider.

“A $300 million offer is still on the table and her hubby, James Brolin, is encouraging her to take it. But she keeps refusing. She may have done concerts in the past but she hates, loathes and despises singing in public.”

The Funny Girl Oscar winner confesses: “It gives me the willies. I said if I could just sit on a stool and sing, that I could do. But to have to have dress fittings, then I never change my clothes enough.”

“I don’t want to have fittings. I don’t want to be a clown on a stage walking and everybody’s below me. It feels odd.”

Sources say her stage fright is even greater than 33-year-old Adele’s, who recently canceled her Caesars Palace residency before rescheduling it for this summer.

“Barbra’s worse than Adele,” notes the insider. “She can perform in private settings, but a big-scale concert spanning weeks or months scares the daylights out of her.”

“People around her are saying she’ll be losing out on a fortune if she doesn’t try.”