Wild child, cool mom and Tim Robbin’s ex, sexy Susan Sarandon’s shocking confession – her seedy life on drugs.

The Thelma & Louise star. 63,  admits trying various narcotics in the past, but insists her experiences – with both legal and illegal substances – weren’t all that hot

"I’m very susceptible to drugs of any kind," Sarandon confessed.

"Coffee, it’s great because it gets me very up, but then I crash.

"I’m not really interested in drinking. Tequila maybe, but champagne makes me fall asleep. It doesn’t take much. I love mushrooms and I’ve done those successfully, but I don’t like anything chemical.

"I didn’t like LSD, and Ecstasy wouldn’t agree with me.

"I like stuff you can smoke. Everyone is wired differently. Some people can do stuff that others can’t. That’s what I told my kids. Some drugs can kill you. Some are not even worth trying," the Oscar winner said.

"Some are a lot of fun, so talk to me first."

Because nothing beats talking to Mom about drugs – except hanging out with her and sharing a fattie!