Sarah Palin Body Checks Hockey Hunk Ron Duguay!

Palin NY Times, New York, United States - 11 Feb 2022
Jeenah Moon/AP/Shutterstock

Political pit bull Sarah Palin has issued beau Ron Duguay a bossy ultimatum —she’ll only wed the pro hockey legend if he signs a pact promising to be airhead arm candy during her new run for Congress, say sources.

Despite failing to win national office as John McCain’s vice presidential running mate in 2008 and quitting as Alaska’s governor the following year, the 58-year-old divorced mom of five is determined to become a political force again.

So sources claim Sarah wants a guarantee — in writing — from the retired National Hockey League hunk, 64, that if they wed, she’ll be boss and he’ll play the perfect show husband. And, during her run for the U.S. House, he’ll follow her rules, which include attending all her events, keeping his trap shut and wearing approved clothing, according to spies.

“She’s crazy about Ron but she’s also an ambitious politician who wants to pump up her conservative image to win back voters,” spills an insider.

“It’s important for her to have a partner by her side during the campaign and that they be married. She doesn’t want to see headlines ‘Sarah Palin and lover’ anywhere.”

Duguay also must agree to keep their finances separate — “what’s hers is hers and what’s his stays his,” notes the insider. “Basically, Sarah wants the yes husband that her ex, Todd, wasn’t.”

Sarah was “devastated” when Todd slapped her with divorce papers a week after their 31st anniversary in 2019.

The exes share joint custody of their youngest son, Trig, 14, who has Down syndrome, and also have adult whelps Track, 33, Bristol, 31, Willow, 28, and Piper, 21.

She found romance with longtime friend Ron, who had a two-decade marriage to supermodel Kim Alexis, 61, after she asked him to squire her around New York City earlier this year.

“It’s only been a few months but Sarah’s an old-fashioned gal and she doesn’t do casual relationships,” adds the insider. “It’s either Ron signs along the dotted line and marries her, or they’re through.”