Just weeks after being rocked by a cheating scandal, Sarah Jessica Parker has made a dramatic, last-ditch attempt to save her 17-year marriage, sources tell The ENQUIRER.

The “Sex and the City” star, 49, took hubby Matthew Broderick, 52, to their four-room vacation cottage in Donegal, Ireland, to heal their reported marital rift – but locals say they looked terribly strained.

“They normally venture all around Donegal, but this time they spent the majority of their time locked away in their remote home out in the countryside,” revealed a source. “One evening they went into Nancy’s, a seafood restaurant, and hardly said a word to each other. It was pretty clear during the trip that Sarah and Matthew were having some pretty intense discussions.”

The eleventh-hour getaway came hot on the heels of a report that skirt-chasing Matthew was busted checking out a sexy brunette at a bar!

And onlookers also noted the actor’s glaring absence from his wife’s side at the star-studded Met Gala fundraising event in New York.

“Sarah told a couple of pals in Ireland that she and Matthew are constantly trying to keep the marriage fresh and fun, but it’s been much harder since the cheating allegations,” said the source.

“She emerged from their cottage to hang wash on the line in their garden and was in full view of everyone passing by. She came outside five days in a row, looking tired and wearing the same sweater.”

Although the troubled couple traveled to Donegal with the family – James, 11, and their five-year-old twin daughters Marion and Tabitha – observers say Matthew and Sarah left their cottage for a trip to the grocery store and little else. One night the pair went to the Lough Eske Hotel for dinner, and sources say Sarah was distracted as she gazed at a newlywed couple, and apparently reflected on her own marriage.

“She watched the bride arrive,” said the source, “and she seemed to be really envious of the happiness and joy of the whole moment.”

Onlookers report that after bride Marie O’Flynn spotted the glamorous star, Sarah quickly jumped into the pictures with her, but “seemed really emotional.”