Family Feud

Sandra Bullock Shunned By Boyfriend’s Daughter

Skylar Staten refuses to move in with her family, sources say.

Inset Skylar Staten, Sandra Bullock Wearing Dark Coat and Sunglasses With Her Two Children and Bryan Randall Wearing Dark Coat and Sunglasses
Coleman-Rayner; MEGA

Sandra Bullock has fallen out with yet another “stepdaughter!”

Sources have revealed the Oscar winner’s longtime love Bryan Randall’s daughter has refused to live with the couple at Sandra’s $6 million Beverly Hills mansion.

Instead, 25-year-old Skylar Staten calls a two-bedroom apartment home and hits dive bars!

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“Sky has completely cut herself off from that celebrity world — and barely speaks about Bryan and Sandra,” tattled a source. “She doesn’t want their money and doesn’t go out with them in public. She wants a normal life and doesn’t even use Bryan’s surname.”

Skylar — pictured exclusively for the first time by The National ENQUIRER — lives just five miles away from Bryan, 53, and Sandra, 55, and her adopted children, nine-year-old Louis and seven-year-old Laila.

Left Skylar Staten, Right Bryan Randall and Skylar circa 1995

Left, Skylar Staten in 2019, right, Bryan Randall and Skylar circa 1995. Photos: Coleman-Rayner

“Sandy has a big heart and hoped to be the best of friends with Skylar, but they’re not close at all,” the source added. “Sky had a difficult life, and she’s often leaned on older female friends for support, but nobody will ever replace her mother.”

As The ENQUIRER has reported, Skylar’s mom — Bryan’s heroin-addicted ex-fiancée, Janine Staten — died of a drug overdose in 2007. Skylar was then raised by her grandmother Perri until her death two years later.

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Bryan moved her to Los Angeles, where she attended high school. After college in Arizona, Skylar moved back to L.A.

It’s not the first time Sandy has had a rocky relationship with a stepdaughter.

The Proposal star, who did not respond to our request for comment, took in ex-hubby Jesse James’ daughter, Sunny. But after Jesse cheated with a parade of mistresses, Sandra cut ties with the entire family, including Sunny, when the couple split in 2010.