Sandra Bullock To Flee Hollywood Over Stalker Terror


A terrified SANDRA BULLOCK is set to run for her life over a celebrity stalker!

The 50-year-old actress and mom is so shaken after the fortress-like security at her $23 million Beverly Hills mansion was breached by a crazed, obsessed stalker that she’s ready to hightail it out of Los Angeles to the safety of Austin, Texas, sources told The National ENQUIRER in a world exclusive.

The ENQUIRER has obtained search warrants issued for the intruder, Joshua Corbett, 39, and learned he was armed to the teeth with deadly weapons – including a machine gun!

“Finding out Corbett had a machine gun filled Sandra with dread,” revealed a friend. “She wants out – now!”

As we reported in June, only hours after the Oscar winner was honored at Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards on June 7, police learned a man had entered the star’s home while she was asleep.

According to a warrant, “She (Sandra) arrived at home at about 1 a.m. on June 8, 2014. She went to bed and was later awakened by loud bangs, which she thought was coming from her third floor workout room window.

“The banging appeared to get louder and sounded like it was coming from her living room this time. She then feared for her safety, closed and locked her door to her bedroom and called 911.”

Incredibly, authorities say Corbett had roamed the home for several hours before police arrived around 6:30 a.m.

The official paperwork recounted, “Officers made entry into the residence and observed the suspect walking down the staircase. (He) was taken into custody
without incident.

“After the suspect was detained, he spontaneously yelled out, ‘Sandy’ numerous times. He also stated, ‘Sandy, I’m sorry. Please don’t press charges.’ ”

Disclosed the beauty’s friend: “Sandra couldn’t believe the guy was able to get into her house. She has 12-foot-high fences topped by barbed wire and state-of-the-art surveillance.”

Cops searched the wacko’s fortress-like home and discovered his arms stash – and the “Gravity” star was rocked to her core when they also found a letter declaring: “Sandy, you could have had me today however you choose other people over me…Without you in my life there is only misery…You are
my girl!”

Despite the nutcase’s arrest, the actress is telling pals she plans to move back to Austin, where she and her four-year-old adopted son, Louis, used to live.

Explained her friend: “This horrifying ordeal was too close for comfort!”