7 Fast Facts On…Bryan Randall

Bryan Randall made a very public debut last night while showing up with girlfriend Sandra Bullock at the premiere screening of “Our Brand is Crisis.” Sandra’s shadowy boyfriend tried to stay away from the red carpet, but The ENQUIRER caught him out with his gal.

We’ve also caught Bryan, 49, trying to hide a few big secrets. Here are seven vital things that you need to know — and that Sandra probably should’ve known….

  1. He’s a Deadbeat Dad! Radar Online had the scoop on Bryan’s shameful history of being one failed father! In the early 1990s, Bryan was doing a stint in rehab while fiancée, Janine Staten, was pregnant with his daughter Skylar. Bryan got out of rehab and bailed on his new family — leaving Skylar to be raised by her heroin-addict mom!
  2. Bryan Flaunts The Law As exposed in The ENQUIRER, Sandra’s new boyfriend is a bad boy just like her ex-husband Jesse James. We found Bryan’s felonious past, including charges of driving with a suspended license and getting busted on an unnamed fish-and-game violation.
  3. He’s Got Sandra Ready to Ditch Hollywood! The ENQUIRER got the scoop from Wyoming bar owners Art and Carol Anderson, who revealed movie star Sandra and her rough ‘n ready guy are looking to buy a bar and settle down permanently at her hidden $1.5 million home in the town of Jackson Hole! Sandra is also planning to bring in her ailing 91-year-old father!
  4. Some of Sandra’s Friends Don’t Approve! Bryan’s reputation has worried plenty of Sandra’s pals. Insiders from her inner circle were alarmed after The ENQUIRER uncovered proof of a restraining order filed against Bryan in 2012 — when a frightened neighbor blamed Bryan for “feces spread in our doorway!”
  5. He’s Got Movie-Star Looks! Wondering how Bryan became a photographer? He got his start on the other side of the camera as a fashion model who even shot a spread with Cindy Crawford — so it’s no wonder that he caught Sandra’s eye!
  6. His Last Gal was a (Much) Younger Woman! As revealed by Radar Online, Bryan was dating Paris St. John, now 23, for three years before he met 51-year-old Sandra! Paris gave him some insight into showbiz, too. Her father is “The Young and The Restless” star Kristoff St. John — who’s the same age as Bryan!
  7. He Has a Brother, Ladies! We’re not saying that he’s ready to become a model, but Bryan’s 44-year-old brother Kevin can be found in Troutdale, Oregon–where the approving sibling said, “He’s in some good shoes right now, and I encourage him!”