Unlucky-in-love SANDRA BULLOCK may not be single for much longer if one of her former boy­friends has anything to say about it!

Insiders tell The ENQUIRER that former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman – who had a brief romance with the “Gravity” star in 1995 – is poised to toss a pass her way now that he’s divorced.

Troy, 47, first fell for Sandra, 49, after seeing her in the 1994 film “Speed.” But their fling fizzled short­ly after it started because he was living in Dallas while she was based in L.A.

“They got along well when they dated back in the ’90s,” said a source. “But they now have so much more in common than they did then.”

Both are divorced. Troy split from his wife Rhonda in 2011, and Sandra famously dumped her cheating hubby, Jesse James, in 2010. They’re also devoted parents. Sandra adopted 3-year-old son Louis in 2010, while Troy has two daughters – Jordan, 12, and Alexa, 11 – from his marriage to Rhonda.

“It doesn’t hurt that Sandra loves  sports,” the source continued, noting that Troy is a sports­caster for FOX as well as part-owner of the San Diego Padres.

While Sandra’s friends and family are encouraging her to give Troy a chance, she insists she’s perfectly happy working on her career and spending all her spare time with her son, according to the source.

“The trust is, Sandra just doesn’t trust men,” the source added. “She feels as if she has given her all so many times, only to be left with a broken heart.”

Still, she may be open to recon­necting with the football Hall of Famer.

“All of Sandra’s friends think now is the perfect time for Troy to pick up the phone and call,” said the source. “What’s he got to lose?”