For Sale: Natalie Wood’s Haunted Death Boat

Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner boat Splendour

The owner of the historic ghost yacht that actress Natalie Wood was aboard before she died has put the craft up for sale, The National ENQUIRER has exclusively learned.

Citing health reasons, the owner of Splendour, Ron Nelson, 68, said after owning the iconic Hollywood boat for nearly 30 years, he’s ready to let go.

“My party years on Splendour — they were numerous and I had some really good times — but I’m getting too old. It is time to pass it on,” he explained. “I’m retired and I don’t use it anymore.”

In another move involving the tragic actress, her cold-hearted husband, Robert Wagner, has just sold her personal items at auction!

The sale came nearly 34 years after Natalie plunged from the yacht to her death off California’s Catalina Island, following an argument with her husband. The auction garnered over $221,000 for daughters Natasha Gregson Wagner and Courtney Brooke Wagner.

There had been plans to sell the spooky 60-foot yacht, once owned by Wagner and the “West Side Story” star, to a new owner who would turn it into a Hollywood museum piece. But Ron was unable to find a buyer.

In April, The ENQUIRER exclusively reported investigators from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department homicide unit conducted an exhaustive forensic probe of the boat.

Several entrepreneurs have expressed interest in buying the craft and converting it into a moored restaurant off Catalina Island, Ron told The ENQUIRER. He’s set a price of $250,000.