Actors heap praise on their own – love 30 Rock, Slumdog and Heath.
Brangie go home empty handed.

After snaring gold at the Globes and Producers Guild, Danny Boyle‘s feel-good pic Slumdog Millionaire copped Best Pic and Best Ensemble at the SAG Awards last night making it the odds-on fave in the Oscar race.

Reader Kate Winslet got another trophy for her shelf for Best Supporting Actor as did the late Heath Ledger for his  The Dark Knight Joker.

Best actors Meryl Streep Doubt and Sean Penn Milk walked away with professional pride and Sally Field was "liked" once again for her perf in Brothers & Sisters.

John Adams
leads Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney made HBO execs smile while Mad Men took it for Best Ensemble.

On broadcast the usual Tina Fey subjects – 30 Rock and Alec Baldwin  — with cranky Hugh Laurie copping for House.

Stunt team kudos went to The Dark Knight and Heroes.

Next is the mother of all awards shows – The Oscars.

Now if the thesps can just get it together and not strike…