Secret Life!

Ryan Seacrest Sobers Up Kelly Ripa!

Clean-Living Ryan Gets Credit For Changing Kelly’s Life!

Ryan Seacrest Sobers Up Kelly Ripa!
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Kelly Ripa has given up booze — thanks to Ryan Seacrest, who helped her see clean-living as a way to take back control of her life!

The morning TV host, 49, made a joke on Live with Kelly and Ryan about how her secret life on the wagon might have led to a dip in U.S. wine sales — and revealed she only sobered up once Ryan started hosting with her in 2016!

That followed a tough period when she was rumored to have gone into “total meltdown” mode after her previous co-host quit — leaving her feeling stabbed in the back.

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And now sources revealed she credits Ryan, 45, with helping turn things around behind the scenes!

“Before Ryan she felt like her life and career were out of control. The bosses at ABC showed that they were in charge. It really upset her. She was devastated and felt powerless. She will never be in that position again,” a source spilled to The National ENQUIRER.

“She wanted to take back her power — and changing her diet and what she drank was a big part of it!”

The source added: “Ryan is a total control freak. Being around him, Kelly saw how important it was to be in control; he had a major impact on her.

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“Ryan is a host, boss, producer — he does everything!”

Now Kelly — married to actor Mark Consuelos, 48 — has banished the bottle and follows a strict high-alkaline diet, which avoids acidic foods and features nothing stronger than coffee!

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest did not respond to our requests for comment.